Continuing the work started by Thomas and Patricia Schnick, we have ambitious plans to take the work of the family foundation to another level. Areas of focus will center on causes we are passionate about, including and not limited to dementia and cancer caregiving support, animal rescue, and literacy.

Warren Buffett gave Bill and Melinda Gates some great advice about philanthropy: “Don’t just go for safe projects,” he said. “Take on the really tough problems.”

We will focus on issues that are close to our hearts, because passion is an important success factor.

In 2017 and throughout 2018, we have had significant family responsibilities thrown at us that we never saw coming, and they have required our full-time and undivided attention. While we still have a *lot* in front of us, we think that we can now also start to think about our future, and how we would like to spend our energy going forward. Hence, the formation of The Todd & Stephanie Schnick Foundation.

We are super-excited about our roles in this, and our new purpose. It’s certainly not anything we would have ever imagined that we’d be doing, which actually makes it that much more exciting and energizing. We greatly appreciate everyone’s support as we move through this new adventure, and we hope to make a real and significant impact for many loves and lives.